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Do you dream of going on your very own Road Trip in Scotland?  You can...when you go self-drive and experience a real holiday when you hire a vehicle with camper van hire Scotland!  There are many ways to visit Scotland but enjoying the open road in your very own campervan is heaps of fun and completely flexible too! You will soon discover that camping in your motorhome is the way to discover the wild parts of far-flung Britain in comfort. You can have a totally relaxing time and absolute freedom to go wherever you choose… touring Scotland in a campervan is a wonderful way to enjoy all the sights and perfect for a romantic getaway, a base for adventure sports, enjoying the spectacular coastlines, valleys and dramatic mountain scenery that Scotland is famous for. Enjoy,from your camper van Scotland’s endless variety; woods, valleys, peaceful glens, breathe in the fresh air, and take in the entrancing sight of wildlife, deer, rabbits wandering near your parked up vehicle, a family of orcas off a cove in Shetland. Get peace and quiet when you want it. Take pleasure in the views and a cup of your own fresh brewed coffee away from the restaurants and crowds. When you try Camper van hire Scotland's amazing scenery will open up before you at your own pace.

Obviously Scotland is also famous for it’s ever changing weather and with a campervan you can take your ‘home’ with you – it’s more convenient and cosier than a tent with none of the struggle against the elements. You can enjoy comfy interiors, soft cushions and sofas, beds all ready, with all mod cons and everything packed away into discreet lockers. It’s also a secure and private hideaway for your valuables. And…if you absolutely can't be denied your daily fix of TV you don’t have to be without – a well-equipped camper van comes fully loaded with satellite TV! Travel anywhere you like, without worrying about your accommodation at the end, stopping (considerately!) where you like and cooking your own food as and when you need to saves you £££s on restaurant bills.

We all know that children get such a kick out of campervanning. It’s brilliant for families, with children of all ages. Camper van hire Scotland is a budget-friendly way to escape with the whole family. You avoid the exorbitant fees charged by hotels during holiday periods and you can get right up close to your favourite spots for kayaking, hiking, fishing, pony trekking, mountaineering and stay there all day without having to go find a place to eat. Pop mountain bikes on the back and you can get right off the road or travel cheaply into the towns while avoiding narrow streets (and pay-to-park bays). After a long day’s activity you can have your meal right back at ‘home’ and travel on to your next exiting destination in complete comfort - while the children are still ensconced in the back of the motorhome playing games or doing puzzles at the dining table (if seat belts allow) even whilst on the move. For a good choice of 'vans, check out our links to Camper van hire Scotland which make finding the perfect campervan for your needs a lot simpler.

Is it legal to camp anywhere in Scotland? Scottish law is refreshingly liberal when it comes to wild camping which is permitted anywhere in Scotland except around parts of Loch Lomond where byelaws forbid it between March and October to protect the environment. As for the rest of Scotland, you can park your campervan if you're careful to check the signage and asking if necessary, being considerate to other drivers and if you are only staying one night, you should be fine on any major road or layby. Motorway service stations in addition allow motor homes 24 hour parking for a fee.

So don't hesitate to check with camper van hire Scotland for a holiday to remember.  To see the Castles, Heritage sites, world renowned distilleries, events, shows, activities and places of interest and really kick back and get away from it all, try camper van hire Scotland, where camping (or 'Glamping') at your own pace is twice as enjoyable and luxurious too!

There's a huge variety of campervans available and it will pay you to do some research before making a final decision. If you're tall, pick something with enough headroom; you don't want to be stooping for the whole holiday! Some lower vans such as the VW camper have lift up hinged roof sections when on site, an advantage when visiting car parks with limited roof space or height barriers. If you like having somewhere to sleep that doesn't have to be packed away, consider the coachbuilt cab and chassis type campervans which have a double bed over the driver's area in the 'Luton' part. This is also a useful place to put the kids at night while the parents stay up! There is usually a safety net to prevent accidents and children are usually better at negotiating the small ladder that is needed to access it. Recreational Vehicles (RVs) can be the size of a large lorry and are often imported from America where obviously their size is less of a problem on UK roads and car parks. In the wilds of Scotland where there is less traffic than in towns these vehicles can be fantastic but may limit you when it comes to getting right into the 'wild'. However you do get an amazing amount of living space and domestic quality facilities.

At the other end of the campervan spectrum some very neat little 'niche' campervan conversions from small cars are available sleeping one or two people, and these will be ultra convenient for travelling (and cheap) but very limited on luggage space. There is always the option of taking a small tent along to extend your living/sleeping space. On the whole, when choosing which campervan to hire, for convenience in Scotland, we would say the smaller the better, especially if convenience and petrol consumption are a priority for you - but take the bare minimum of clothing! But if size matters along and the joy of luxurious modern conveniences is more your style, then go for the RV, take lots of extra fuel money and enjoy the view when cruising!

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